“I exude confidence in my practical ability to provide excellence in virtual administration.”

A little about me: Why did I decide to create my own business? Because I wasn’t satisfied with what was available in the typical 9 to 5 office environment. It was important to me that I do what I love while enjoying the freedom of being my “own” boss. So, in 2012, I commenced operating my virtual assistant business from my home office in the North Central Victorian city of Shepparton, Australia.

I’m passionate about helping the small business owner get their name out there on social media. I save them time and money by managing and creating the flow of their posts on various social media platforms. Increasing their following and ultimately creating new business opportunities for them.

I also focus on research, managing client contact databases, creating newsletters and website maintenance.

When you’re working with a virtual assistant, you don’t pay for holiday pay, sick pay, superannuation or any other Government taxes. You only pay for the time I am contracted to work with you.

My daily commute consists of grabbing a coffee from the kitchen on my way through to the office; there are no traffic jams or the hustle and bustle. Now I spend my day working on social media for clients, helping them to build their brand by implementing their social media marketing strategy. So, they can work on their business, and not in it!

Here is what some of my clients have to say about me…

Anita’s commitment and dedication make her a pleasure to work with. She has great ideas on segmenting and understanding the target market of my business to further grow our reach and client base. I highly recommend Anita and her services.

Anita has been a consistent contract employee for 3 years with my agency. She’s super savvy with social media scheduling and monitoring. She’s creative and adds value to social media campaigns. Anita is very easy to work with, takes directive well, and always happy to help. I would highly recommend her skills!

Anita quickly learned not only the type of content I wanted in my posts but also the tone I wanted to convey consistently. I now feel totally confident that my social media represents my business image, whether or not I’m present to monitor it! Anita is a blessing.

Anita is a wonderful social media assistant. She’s been handling all my posts and articles for several years. They are always relevant and done well. She keeps me up to date with any requests and things that need my attention, so I don’t have to stay glued to my social media. I so appreciate the work she does.
Anita has been collaborating with JMJ – EA for a Day for the last six years. She has been a wonderful asset to my business and has helped me continue to grow it. Anita is super keen to help and offers up some fantastic suggestions. We love working with her.

Anita is an absolute professional and a pleasure to work with everything she does, she does efficiently and with a smile. I love working with her because I know what to expect — always the best! I encourage anyone looking for administrative help to give Anita a try.

I really can’t recommend Anita highly enough! Her work is thoughtful, consistent and timely. She’s always on top of things, and when she needs something, she lets me know…with a smile. I have tremendous peace of mind working with Anita – I don’t worry about any of the work assigned to her. She’s flexible, willing to learn new things and explore new software tools. Her positive attitude is infectious, and I can’t imagine running my business without her.

Anita’s extensive knowledge and familiarity with social media have been immensely helpful in promoting my business. Anita knows details about the various vehicles: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. that I could not have guessed existed. She keeps up to date with all the changes and relieved me from hours of work because of her facility with these tools. In addition, she is cheerful, helpful, and I definitely know she has been on my side. I highly recommend Anita for any social media needs you might have.

You are amazing, Anita!! I can’t thank you enough for your time, your creative design, being so punctual with tasks and always checking in.

Clients I have worked with include…